How would Tesla adapt its business model in Venezuela where environmental purposes are less taken into consideration and economic crisis hurt the country?

The aim of this assignment is not only to develop your understanding of the cultural, social and/or political context in relation to the target language and country, but also to enable you to do research and think critically.

Purpose of the project

  • To give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the society and culture of the countries or communities where the target language is spoken.
  • To encourage you to explore the presence, influence and evolution of the target language culture in the context of a cosmopolitan city such as venezuela
  • To help you demonstrate outcomes commensurate with your level of study in terms of the depth, rigour and criticality with which you investigate your chosen topic or aspect.

Description of the level of challenge and autonomy expected of the learner:

Operates in complex, unpredictable contexts

Identifies and defines complex problems

Uses ideas at a high level of abstraction

Judges the appropriateness of the enquiry methodologies

Areas that could be explored : Investigates target language community in, interactions with the host culture, and examines questions of cultural hybridity and authenticity

Type of assignment: Critical essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 3/825

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