Human factors and safer healthcare

  • Focus on a specific patient safety related design problem in health and social care practice
  • Be presented as a case study, utilising headings to structure the document and the analysis given within it
  • State a clear and concise aim, and if helpful objectives, for the case study
  • Critically analyse and link relevant policy, procedure, guidelines and research to the identified problem and the context within which the problem sits
  • Critically analyse, apply and evaluate aspects of human factors theory including as relevant reference to error theory and a failure modes reduction strategies
  • Conclude with a critical evaluation of the suggested design change and the improvement this may make to the quality of practice
  • Contain headings that guide the reader through the case study, from introduction through to a conclusion
  • Be correctly and accurately referenced throughout using the Harvard system – refer to the University/Faculty referencing guidelines for full details
  • Be accurately and clearly written and presented with no errors being seen
  • Be supported with appropriate appendices
  • Contain images and diagrams where these might help to help explain the problem, its context and possible solutions. These must have a heading, references and permission statements as necessary

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 11/3000

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