Topic: Infant/Toddler Mental Health Assignment

Infant/Toddler Mental Health has covered many aspects of a field designed to support the development and learning of very young children and their families. To help you reflect on what you have learned in the course, write a reflection that addresses the following:

Part 1: What Is Infant/Toddler Mental Health?

The resources that you have read throughout the course have covered such topics as how young children’s mental health develops, how to understand and support the young child’s unique social-emotional needs within the context of the family, and special considerations that need to be taken into account for children and families impacted by trauma. Based on your understanding of the above information, respond to the question “What is infant/toddler mental health?”

Part 2: The Professional’s Role in Supporting Infant/Toddler Mental Health

In this course, you have also learned about developing effective partnerships with families, effective strategies for identifying and supporting children’s mental health needs within the context of the family, and the role of community agencies and professionals in supporting infant/toddler mental health. Based on your understanding of the above information, respond to the question “What is the role of the child development professional in supporting infant/toddler mental health?”

Part 3: How This Course Affected Your Professional Perspective

You have been learning a great deal about the impact that healthy development has on children’s well-being for life. Consider what you have learned from this course and think about how this information has affected your perspective regarding what you want to accomplish related to the field of child development. What role or profession would you like to have in the future? How have the information and resources in this course affected and/or informed your decision making about your career and your professional philosophy?

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