infographic design marketing essay

Marketing is a key organisational function. Without marketing, organisations may fail to understand their consumers and their behaviour, and in doing so miss opportunities for growth and profit. This term you’ve worked on basic marketing skills which include being able to understand your consumer’s wants and needs, and also being able to use the 7P’s to take a product to market. To further improve your knowledge in this area, you are asked to submit an infographic that selectively (and correctly) explains the process of going to market using the 7Ps for a product with service attributes. You can choose any product you like from a well-known brand.

For 20% of your grade, you’re also asked to reflect on the module and what you learned to further improve your professional development. This reflective component won’t be a part of the infographic, but it does need to be included in the same submission.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Marketing

Pages: 2/550

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