Official statistics show that the number of offenses involving knives is highest in record according to the police. The office of the national statistics records a 7% increase of the offenses year by year, 49% higher than the previous year.

The knife offenses are concentrated in the metropolitan areas. The crime survey that was carried out in Whales and England records more than 10.4 million offenses were experienced with people aged 16 years and above.

The recorded offenses involving knife between the years 2010-2011 were 44,076, half of the cases are a result of stabbing, and 43% were robberies which included rape and robberies. On the other hand, the level of other crimes has remained steady the offenses involving a knife have continued to increase.

The reoccurrence of knife crimes indicates wider and complex problems among young people who are facing a hopeless future, with no qualifications, no role models, and no job prospects.

Shocking statistics show that knife crimes have become epidemic since the offenses of crimes involving knives revealed that 130 cases are recorded daily. Hundreds of people are being targeted every month by knife-wielding attackers.

Experts claim that the police have lost control of the situation. In the year 2019, the cases recorded cases were 35,354 involving knife crimes. The addition of 20,000 police officers on the streets has been suggested by the home affairs officer to reduce violence and early intervention from knife crimes.

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