Leadership in HealthCare change- Action plan for implementing innovative change

You will develop an action plan towards implementing the change identified in that assignment. This will require an exploration of innovative change and leadership theory, as well as a critical reflection on leadership capabilities and traits.

Learning outcomes

This assessment task is aligned to the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify the different factors which lead to innovation and change need within the healthcare context
  • Critique existing theory and research and challenge prevailing paradigms, world views, values and taken-for-granted ideas
  • Critically apply relevant policy, both operational and strategic, to an identified need for innovative change within the work-based context
  • Explore the origins, processes and application of evidence-based healthcare practice
  • Examine different frameworks for health service evaluation and change initiatives
  • Analyse and critique the leadership capabilities required to lead, implement, evaluate, and embed innovative clinical practices within health and social care organisational contexts
  • Apply an evidence-based approach to the role of leadership in innovation and change management

Type of assignment: Research paper

subject: Healthcare

Pages: 10/2700

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