Leadership in Organisations – Compare and contrast the leadership practices of two leaders

Compare and contrast the leadership practices of two leaders drawing on relevant leadership theories and on source evidence about their leadership actions, contexts and impacts.

The leaders should be publicly known figures. The essay question should be answered based on desk-based research. You should use publicly available material such as newspaper articles, biographies or popular books. All sources, theory and evidence, should be fully referenced. You should not interview or engage with the leaders or their followers. Your essay should introduce and profile both leaders, explain who they are, and how each leader enacts leadership using appropriate examples, evidence and leadership theory. You should also compare and contrast the two leaders and link this to specific and relevant academic theory on leadership covered in the module. Your essay should be organized and well-signposted.

• Answers should be 2,500 words long (+/- 10%, excluding references)

• The answer should take the form of a properly structured short essay.
We should select 2-4 leadership concepts from the core text book:
– Charismatic and transformational leadership
– Leadership and change
-Leadership and power
-Leadership and gender
– Leadership and culture
-Leadership and learning and development
-Leadership and Ethics.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 10/2500

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