Learning-Technology Initiative Planning

watch Introduction to TPACK (https://www.commonsense.org/education/videos/introduction-to-the-tpack-model)

2. read TPACK Explained (https://matt-koehler.com/tpack2/tpack-explained/)

3. TPACK Explained for Teachers (https://www.educatorstechnology.com/2019/03/tpack-explained-for-teachers.html) to support your thinking of the implementation of a learning-technology initiative from (of course) a leadership perspective.

Part I: Learning-Technology Initiative Description

Describe the learning-technology initiative: (500-700 words)

Paragraph 1: What is the learning problem you are trying to solve?
Paragraph 2: What are the technologies you wish to integrate to address the problem?
Paragraph 3: What contextual factors will impact the implementation of your learning-technology initiative?

Part II: Articulating your thinking within the TPACK Framework

Consider the following table which parses out the seven bodies of knowledge that comprise TPACK. Replicate this table in your assignment. Provide examples of the requisite knowledge in each category needed by teachers/colleagues to carry out your initiative. For instance, if your learning technology initiative involved mobile learning, under the column “Requisite” for TK you could start with, “Knowledge about the types of mobile devices available, and knowledge about how to operate and use mobile devices to accomplish tasks.”

See The TPACK Model Explained (With Classroom Examples) (https://www.schoology.com/blog/tpack-framework-explained)

Answer those underline (requisite knowledge column)
Category Description Requisite Knowledge

1. PK Knowledge about pedagogy and instructional strategies ______________________

2. CK Knowledge about content in teachers’ curriculum ______________________

3. TK Knowledge about technology and how to use specific technological tools ______________________

4. TPK Knowledge about how to teach with specific technologies ______________________

5. TCK Knowledge about how technology aligns to various curricular content or concepts ______________________

6. PCK Knowledge about how to teach specific curricular content or concepts ______________________

7. TPACK Synthesized knowledge about how to use technology and instructional strategies to teach specific concepts as well as about how the use of technology changes our understanding of the content and of how to teach the content

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: English

Pages: 2/550

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