Levis strauss and managing efficiency in a global supply chain

Describe the current type of ownership; e.g. is it a public limited company? If yes, at which stock exchange are they listed?

Who is the CEO (manager)? What management style is he/she known for? Can you find information about his / her personality? Any scandals?

Which strategy does levis strauss follow? Cost leadership? Differentiation through innovation? Market development? Product development? Diversification?
• Which entry mode does your company use? Why?
• What are the opportunities and threats in the host country according to your case study?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a high number of diverse suppliers in a diverse range of countries?

Which issues did Levi’s face in the 1990s and how has Levi’s solved them?

What are important factors when choosing suppliers? How can buyer-supplier relationships be strengthened and integrated? How is Levi’s approaching these aspects?

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 5/1375

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