Logistics and supply chain Management

As Logistics consultant, you are required to provide the organisation with a report addressing the following, before the board of directors make the final decision on whether to go ahead with the expansion. The development and implementation of their global strategy. Please remember, the answers to the following questions must be critically analysed using relevant literature. Write the report in UK English spelling and use Calibri body size 12 writing styles with double spacing.

Report requests 1.

Introduction of the topic

Definition of logistic in terms of supply chain?

Explain what is international logistics?

Critically evaluate the benefits and limitations of international logistics?

Explain what is international sourcing?

Analyse times versus cost trade-off?

Report requests 2.

What is a tiered supplier? Define. Eg, Automotive Industry. How does it affect logistics? What are the Pros and cons?

Define Globalisation?

Define and analyse outsourcing. When should an organisation outsource?

Focused factory concept- Mass production focusing on a narrow range of operations. When is the Focus factory concept necessary?

Report requests 3.

Explain the benefits of competitive advantage?

Define SWOT and explain how it is used for competitive advantage.

Analyse 6 potential sources and causes of threats in global supply chains using SWOT.

where possible propose counter measures form a warehouse prospective?

Report requests 4.

Analyse corporate social responsibility?

Explain how it applies to international logistics.

Provide examples of possible disasters that may occur in international logistics?

Explain and analyse the issue of child labour in international logistics?

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 12/3300

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