Topic: ‘Machine Era’ of politics ,The Reform Era term paper

Directions: Please choose two (2) of the following questions and submit a thorough, cohesive, well-developed response for each. Responses should be approximately 2 FULL pages in length (per response), and must make use of course source material as evidence for furthering your discussions. Citations are required at a rate of 4 citations per page, starting as a minimum baseline; all pages should be approx. 2 paragraphs, and each paragraph should have at least 2 citations (i.e. minimum of 16 citations for the whole exam). Please confine your sourcing to course material provided by you instructor only (see BlackBoard). No works cited pages are required.
 Furthermore, all responses must adhere to MLA style requirements (12pt. font, appropriate spacing, et al.)

Please explain the rise of ‘Machine Era’ of politics in 19th century American cities. What were some of the key variables that allowed machines to emerge, and how did the structure of the Machine acclimate to the rapidly changing climate of urbanism at the time? Finally, explain how Machines fundamentally altered (or transformed) power-relations between an expanding, diverse population and government within American cities. Finally, were there any positive impacts of the ‘Machine Era’?

The Reform Era is often recognized as a period of dramatic governmental growth, maturation, and expansion, fueled by the rampant exploitation which defined the everyday plight of 19th century urban dwelling. Who were the reformers, what were some of their tactics, philosophies, and motivations for reforming government in the late 1800’s. Finally, please evaluate the outcome of the reform era: was it successful? Explain.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Term paper
Subject: Political science
Pages/words: 4/1100
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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