Topic: Managing Change essay

Managing change: Assignment Breakdown

Introduction: Broad understanding of the importance of change in health and social care organisations and why they need to be managed appropriately. What will the assignment cover? 100 words
Main body
Background information of the two vulnerable patients in Gowan before they joined the Gowan SHIP project.-75 words.
Analyse why a change in vulnerable Patient Care in Govan is necessary and what has to be changed. [900 words:] – consider the patient and organisational level.
At the patient-level.
consider the need for a reduction in A & E visits,
improved patient safety in their social environment,
improved quality of care and wellbeing of vulnerable patients.
At the organisational-level:consider the need to improve efficiency of partnership working, reduce cost, avoid unnecessary waste of resources, improve collaboration between teams, Improve the engagement between multiagency teams.
Also consider the external environment (PESTLE) analysis. consider the legal political, economic social influence or driver for change.
Be analytical, use evidence from the literature to justify why these aspects of patient care need to change.
Using examples of your experience and knowledge gained in class evaluate different models, theories and concepts of how the process of the change introduced by the Govan SHIP project should be led to gain the support of those who will be involved or affected by the change. [950 words)
Focus on leadership role, using 2 of the models /theories or concepts of change. Eg Kotters theory or Lewin’s model. Consider strength and weaknesses of each of the model/theory Remember to stress on how you can use these to lead the change process for the Gowan SHIP project. Use slides from week 2, 4, 5,

Justify the approach to be used for the change process in the Govan SHIP project and develop a strategic plan for its implementation. [1000]words:

Here use the 8 point approach to develop a change management plan with clear objectives for the Gowan SHIP project. Consider planning, intervention strategies and situational variables.
• Appoint a transition manager
Identify your situational variables
Set clear targets and goals (SMART targets). Set at least four measurable targets-two for patients, one for organisation and one for external stakeholder.
• Identifying what needs to be done. This will constitute the intervention strategy (action research, deficit-based inquiry, appreciative inquiry)
(Work breakdown structure showing what will be done for each of the four targets)
Plan how this will be implemented
Communicate plan with staff and external stakeholders-consider its appeal and likelihood for success and encourage others to take part using multiple and consistent leverage of points for change
Refine the plan
Scheduling of activities with clear timelines

Suggest how this strategic plan can be Implemented and analyse the benefits including how the change will become sustainable. [1000 words

Basically describe the work breakdown and how it will be implemented, timelines, staff training and the start of the project. Embed monitoring of targets and evaluation in the plan to identify and mitigate risks. Revise the plan if necessary and ensure continuous improvement.

Conclusion- Brief summary


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