Marketing Plan essay

In the final assignment, you formalize these analyses into a professional report.

(Industry analysis, competitive analysis, and business and pricing analysis) together in this last assignment and add the recommended strategy to attract patients and practitioners (doctors, life coaches, etc.). The report must be (double-spaced) document detailing the analyses, strategic insights, and the recommended actions based on the implications of those insights. Your paper must include a cover page, table of contents, executive summary, analysis, recommendations, and conclusion.

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Company Description (About All4Life, Inc.)

Mission/Vision Statement
Service offered
Target customers
Distribution channels
Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage
Situation Analysis

Industry analysis
Competitive analysis
SWOT analysis (About All4Life)
Customer analysis (Target segment – Patients & Practitioners)
Strategy and Implementation

Pricing strategy
Promotion (Displays, websites, social media, public relations, etc.)
Recommended Marketing Mix
Implementation process


Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Marketing

Pages: 5/1375

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