Marriage , Happiness and Marital Stability

In the U.S., in a National Survey on Marriage, 69 percent of the married respondents said their marriages were “very happy” and 88 percent said they were either “completely satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their marriage.   An astounding 97 percent said they expected to be married for life, and 93 percent said they would marry their spouses if they had it to do again… These responses are in sharp contrast to many statements made by media commentators, which are often on the order of “I know not one who has a good marriage” (With This Ring, 2005, p. 15). Also, respond to the following: How many couples that you know personally that are happy in their marriage? In particularly, how many women you know that are happily marriage? Answer with 250-300 words.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Sociology

Pages: 2/550

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