Topic: Media Influence COURSEWORK

First Read Chapter 9 of the book- the link is below

Please answer each section (each section is different): one discussion and one short essay to the chapter listed below.

Online version of this book available at: and you can download it.

Each short essay must contain: Accuracy of content/analysis, writing style (grammar, spelling, style, etc.), and critical thinking will be assessed. Your response to the essay question must be at least 300 words (no maximum).

Each Discussion: must answer each question thoughtfully.

Chapter 9:

Short essay:

Please describe/discuss the spiral of silence theory.  How does the spiral of silence narrow public discussion?  In what ways does the “spiral of silence” get in the way of us taking social action or engaging in social justice?

**Your response to the essay question must be at least 300 words (no maximum).
**Be sure to support your essay response with at least 3 in-text citations, in APA format- INCLUDE PAGE NUMBERS IN CITATIONS, from the appropriate chapter.

2nd part of the paper:


What is the press’s responsibility to democracy, in your opinion?  How will the Internet continue to change how Americans get their news? Do you believe it will drastically change American political culture… or perhaps, already has?

Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Media
Pages: 1/275
Style: APA

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