Topic: Mindful Use of Health Information Technology

Please read the following article: Mindful Use of Health Information Technology.
Robertson, K. (2011). Mindful use of health information technology. American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, 13(3), 193-196.
Please respond to the following prompts:
As a healthcare provider, what is your responsibility for the ethical use of health informatics technology? How has your responsibility changed over time, and how do you predict it will change in the future?
What are ethical issues that you encounter with health informatics in the work place now, and what are issues you anticipate in the future?
What are your thoughts concerning “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” policies that are being implemented in some workplaces? Is a BYOD policy applicable in the healthcare setting? Be sure to defend your position with external references. 
Please be sure to include 2 scholarly external sources within your initial post and cite them appropriately in APA format.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Nursing
Pages/words: 1/275
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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