New International Venture business essay

Provide a company overview.

o Describe the product/service.

o State the host country

• Create an overview of the host country environment utilizing at least two business process analyses, such as a PESTLE, SOAR, SWOT, etcetera.

• Create an overall business strategy for the new venture (all other strategies should align to this strategy).

• Create a marketing strategy for the new venture, including the use of social media.

• Create a financial strategy for the new venture, including the concept of foreign money fluctuations and exchanges.

• Create human resource strategies for the new venture, including a recruitment and selection plan (think about the use of parent-country nationals [PCNs], third-country nationals [TCNs], and host-country nationals [HCNs] in this decision).

• Apply a corporate social responsibility activity for the new venture that is specific to the selected host country.

• Utilize visuals in the paper, including charts, graphs, or tables to enhance plan elements.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 10/2750

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