A nursing essay is an academic and professional study of a patient whom the nurse encountered during practicum. It is important to know, when writing a nursing essay your targeted audience is highly educated and are aware of the data you are presenting. Showcase how the knowledge you have acquired can be put to practice. The methodology you choose should be unique compared to the rest.

Perform research by collecting data from online articles, textbooks, and examples, and then create six titles on a column. For example, the research method (includes the details of the research), content, type of data, advantages (name the pros of the study and if the information is reliable), disadvantages and nursing essay.

To write a good nursing essay, first, understand the assignment. Then find the topic that interests you and enough information to write about. Research reliable sources and narrow down to your topic of discussion citing the relevant source of information.

Create a well-structured outline with a detailed plan of what you want to write about since it will help you develop a logical and well- balanced text. Begin writing your introduction with a brief discussion of what you are going to write about and explain the reason for the research.

The body paragraph should contain two to three paragraphs depending on the topic of discussion; each paragraph contains a main idea and facts that support it.

Write your conclusion in a summary form of the body paragraph without introducing new information about the topic. 

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