Topic: positive behaviour support essay

Week 1



  • Academically delayed
  • Avoids school on days where English, mathematics and language are studied
  • Absent from class during assessment times
  • Repeatedly participating in truancy
  • Will participate in class activity’s that require group walk and oral discussion and communication, but will not participate when he is expected to read or write
  • Is violent and abusive to teachers and students when he is required to do something he does not want to do
  • Is obsessed with using and playing with objects brought from home which are disruptive to the class
  • Is sent to the DP’s office frequently in the odd occasion he is at school
  • Has been suspended for violence


  • Spends time with older students, especially since being suspended, who influence and encourage bad behaviour
  • Participates in graffiti and harassment outside of school
  • His hatred towards some teachers at school

Week 2

1) Discuss the relationship between participation structures and emotional wellbeing. How might the use of pre-corrects contribute to emotional wellbeing?

2) What does the term “self-registration” refer to? Why is this important in relation to social and emotional wellbeing?  

3) How would you describe the overall principle being used in the video’s management or guidance approach? What does this suggest about the relationship between developmental autonomy and emotional involvement?

4) How might you apply this principle to the “Thomas” situation? Suggest one strategy for giving Thomas greater “self-choice” responsibility within the regular routines of his situation.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Education

Pages: 10/2750

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