Topic: Problem and Customer Hypotheses

Three part project:

Part 1: Problem and Customer Hypotheses
Pick a problem you want to solve with your new company.

Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your problem and customer hypothesis (Links to an external site.) (including a short customer persona (Links to an external site.)) in the Customer Interview Template linked below.

Part 2: Customer Interviews
Create a customer interviewing script using the Customer Interview Template (Links to an external site.). Note: Make sure to make a copy of the template and save it on your Gdrive. Later you will share the link in order to submit this assignment.

Interview ≥10 potential customers using the script you created. Focus on learning as much as you can about the problem you have picked and the customer segment you want to focus on. Explore questions such as:
Is this in fact a real problem? Do people seem to care? Have they ever looked for a solution? What is wrong with the solutions that are currently available?

**It’s totally OK if you end up realizing that your initial problem isn’t a real problem – in that case you will need to pivot (Links to an external site.) and pick a new problem that seems to be more important to your customers (customer need pivot), or pivot to focus on a different customer segment who have the problem you want to solve (customer segment pivot).

Capture the data and insights from all interviews. – This can be made up

Part 3
Develop an innovative idea for a service or product that can solve the problem you have defined in module 1. (This product or service will be the foundation for your new company)

You are welcome to run an ideation session with people in your network who can help you develop a better idea.

Describe the process you used to develop your idea, and describe the overall concept of your idea.

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