Professional behaviour essay

Being a doctor is a responsible position and requires certain standards of behaviour to be upheld. In this unit you will research the expectations of the position and reflect on how your previous experience has prepared you for the role.

1)Prepare a portfolio of evidence showing your understanding of the areas below:

A)What does the GMC see as the basic requirements for medics in terms of the specific “outcomes for graduates”, patient cantered care and “professionalism”.

B)Using a relevant model explain what effective and ineffective communication and teamwork look like.

2)Explain the principles of risk management and approaches to solving problems. Refer to the COVID case study and explain how the principles would be applied in this case.

3)Using a chosen model and the requirements from 1a and 1b above reflect on your own developmental needs and produce a plan to show how you will meet those needs both in the Access Diploma and moving forward to university. This plan MUST include SMART targets.

type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 8/2200

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