A psychological essay is the scientific study of the human mind and its principle at work. It is also the study of human behavior in a different environment. When writing a psychology paper, develop an outline that gives you a roadmap to writing a successful paper.

Always start at the top, clearly think through the actual question of interest, and begin from there. Every sentence is written down leads to another sentence, each paragraph leads to the other and every section connects to the other.

The importance of writing an introduction in a psychological paper is to give reasons for choosing the topic. Introduce the reader to the topic, then provide feedback on the research topic and state your thesis. Start your research on the topic from library materials, internet, journal database, and articles with information related to your topic of study. Indicate your source of research to help you keep track of your information.

Provide a brief description of the research question and how it is related to your current research. Focus on the main points which are relevant to the study, then provide your hypothesis which will explain the areas which are potentially flawed or research is lacking, indicate what has been missing in the topic according to the previous research, the research questions that have not been answered. Your hypothesis should be able to answer the questions above. 

The body of the essay has several paragraphs and each paragraph with a different concept or idea. Explain or develop each idea in a paragraph in detail with facts.

In conclusion, the main points are summarized and the hypothesis is paraphrased to enhance the question of discussion.

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