quasi-experiment to do a program evaluation

Pretend you have a grant to create a quasi-experiment to do a program evaluation on a non-profit, and please respond to the following:

What non-profit(s) would you focus on? Why?
What would be your research question?
What data would you gather? Why?
Would you want to use an employee or external consultant to collect the data? Why?
What are possible limitations to this study?
——————————————————————————————————————————————2. Think of a psychology topic of interest to you that involves looking for a relationship between two variables, such as exercise and emotional well-being OR emotional intelligence and relationship satisfaction. Then, think of the five main research designs learned (single case, observational, survey, quasi-experimental, single factor experimental design) and please respond to the following:

Discuss the two variables that could be studied to see if there is a relationship between them.

State a research question and hypothesis that could be used with this study.

Of the research designs learned in class, which would you choose to study a relationship between these two variables?

Explain you could use this chosen method to study your topic.

Discuss strengths/limitations of the chosen method, and describe how these informed your choice to use this method instead of a different research method.

Type of assignment: coursework

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 2/550

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