Topic: Reflection During DNPU 705

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on the how you understand yourself, your understanding and approach to health communications. Notice how your thoughts evolved over time throughout the course. Consider:

  1. What have you learned this term? What will you do differently going forward? How will what you have learned impact your practice?
  2. Influences that affect attitudes and communication with the health-care system and optimum health.
  3. How can you use leadership skills to improve patient safety through better communication with your patients?
  4. Your thoughts and feelings related to readings and assignments, or discussion with your classmates.

Step one:

Review course readings and assignments. See suggestions above and complete your reflection. This is for you to develop skill in reflection and to think about how the material applies to you.

Step two:

Using a WORD document, label the file Last Name_First Name_Reflection (example: Luckey_Sonia_Week8_Reflection). Length should be 1-2 pages. While in-text APA formatted references are not required, you may wish to reference materials to help you in the future as you try to remember a source you read or a web page you visited.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 2/550

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