reflective paper analysing a project

Write a reflective paper analysing a project with which you have been involved, or have observed in an organization.

You should choose a project that you have observed first hand, either in process or as a customer. Do not use a published project case study.

The purpose of the assignment is to determine whether the project would have met its objectives more easily if it had been properly or better defined and planned in advance. Alternatively, if the project went fantastically well, use your analysis to determine why this was the case. Directions for this assignment are as follows:

1. Identify and define the project you have selected. Briefly outline the project objectives and terms of reference. (approx. 500 words).

2. Critically evaluate the design, planning and execution of the project. If formal project planning techniques were used, identify and describe the extent to which they assisted in achieving the objectives. If formal planning techniques were not used, identify problems that could have been foreseen with better planning, and analyse what could have been done to better control the situation in retrospect. Alternatively, perhaps the project succeeded despite no formal project management mechanisms. You would be free to discuss this. (approx. 1500 words)

3. Conclude by providing recommendations on how the organization could learn from the project you have studied. Can you make any more general statements about the management of projects? (approx.1000 words).

Note: Please include, pictures, diagrams etc if possible. These will not go under the word count

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 11/3000

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