role of the information systems strategy

  1. Analyse the role of the information systems strategy in an organisation, and its integration with overall corporate strategy.
  2. Evaluate appropriate hard and soft factors that impact upon success and failure in the development roll out and operation of various types of business information systems. 3000 words
    You have already established a relatively new business.
    Your business is based in one of the following sectors: c
    media and entertainment its a premium streaming app where you get all the new movies way before they go in cinema.the company is called G-5.
    In your group presentation, you have discussed the acquisition and deployment of your app and business information systems (BIS) to help the business grow.
    You now need to write an individual briefing document for your chosen company to highlight the key issues regarding your organisation and data personalisation.
    Task 1
    Discuss the characteristics and global significance of data personalisation. (10 marks)
    Task 2
    Evaluate the organisational opportunities and challenges posed by data personalisation. (20 marks)
    Task 3
    Explain and analyse how you will address the data personalisation issues relevant to the app, the BIS solution(s) and business strategy you have already chosen. Including:
    a) Overview of your business, the app, the BIS solution(s) and performance objectives.
    b) Proposals to articulate the value exchange for your business and customers involved in personalisation of their data.
    c) Proposals to build positive customer sentiment (trust) in your business brand.
    d) Proposals to work within and remain compliant to current laws and regulations relevant to individual privacy.
    e) Explanation of your business strategy and analysis of how application of the above proposals will contribute to the business strategy in terms of data personalisation.(35 marks) Task 4
    Explain the theory used to justify the choices made for your proposed business information solution(s) and how this theory was applied.
    (25 marks)
    Task 5
    Use correct academic writing style and structure. Use correct grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling. Use in-text citations and references according to the Harvard Reference System

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business


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