Ron Deal’s book, Dating and the Single Parent


The goal of this assignment is to explore the unique relational dynamics of the formation of single parents dating and blended families. The book critique will cover Ron Deal’s book, Dating and the Single Parent. This critique will allow you to explore concepts related to single parents dating and explore the dynamics of dating, resulting in blended families.


You will read and critique Deal’s book:

• A 5-7- page critique.

o Title page is not included in page count.

o Reference section is not included in page count.

o An Abstract is not included in this paper.

• Format of assignment (APA Current ed).

• The paper will include:

o Summary: This must be a well-written summary of the entire book. Cite the text and address the key ideas presented in the text. This must not be a narrative of the table of contents but must show a real understanding of the concepts being discussed. You might highlight and create and outline of the main ideas so that, when you write the summary, you address the concepts, not just the chapter titles. Identify the main concepts and explain what the author is suggesting. Chapter and section titles are irrelevant to a summary.

o Potential Use for Christian Couples: This section focuses on how the book’s content would be valuable (or not) to premarital couples in the church. You may add some opinion here, but it must be written in third person. Develop some key concepts which can be addressed for Christian couples in the church. Support all opinions with research.

o Critique: A critique is not necessarily negative. You may agree or disagree with a point, but to critique it, you must break it down and discuss its value in relation to other ideas. Choose 2 concepts from the book and support them with scholarly references as to why you agree or disagree. All opinions must be supported with research.

o Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion/summary of the content of your paper.

o References: Students will use the current APA current ed. format.

Type of assignment: Book review

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 7/1925

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