sexual script essay

Write your own sexual script. What expectations do you have of a partner? What do you think are acceptable behaviors and emotions associated with sexual relationships. Now, rewrite your script to indicate what you would consider ideal?

Sexual scripts explanation

Expectations of how to behave sexually:

  • Enables individuals to organize sexual

situations and interpret emotions and

sensations as sexually meaningful.

  • We may modify or change our scripts, but

we will not throw them away.

  • Society regulates sexuality.

Traditional male role:

  • Sexual competence
  • Ability to give partners orgasms
  • Sexual desire
  • Prolonged erection
  • Being a good lover
  • Fertility
  • Reliable erection
  • Heterosexuality

Traditional female script:

  • Expected to wait for and comply with male’s
  • initiation.
  • Focuses on feelings and love.
  • Women are unable talk about sex.
  • Some women are not comfortable about
  • communicating their needs.

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