Simulation Learning Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience in planning use of simulation in class or clinical learner experiences. Designing simulation scenarios takes considerable knowledge and expertise to create good scenarios and are time consuming to test and pilot new scenarios. Therefore, for the simulation assignment in this course, you are to select a published ACES simulation scenario, standardized patient, or vSIM and explain the use of in one of your own teaching – learning sessions. Debriefing is a critical aspect of the use of simulation and needs to be thoughtfully planned to be effective. The main focus of this assignment is on the debriefing that follows the simulated learning activity.

The following topics need to be included in this assignment (See the rubrics below for the instructions. APA format is required).

Select a simulation experience (vSIM, published simulation learning activity, standardized patient).

Describe the learning activity.

Provide rationale supporting your simulation selection.

Describe the setting it is to be used (class, clinical).

Describe the learners.

Describe the purpose of the learning activity.

Assessment of student performance – graded or not graded, pass/fail?

Describe the debriefing session that follows the simulated learning experience:

Purpose of debriefing

Questions by instructor (4)

Include hypothetical responses by students to 2 of the 4 instructor questions and highlight statements that reflect concernful practices.

Explain the relationship between simulated learning experiences and enabling narrative pedagogies.

Prepare a paper using APA (7th edition) format.

Begins with the separate title page.

No abstract is needed.

Main text: Use headings/subheadings for organization. Use double spacing and paragraph indentation. Do not use bullets. Also provide citations.

Report your references in separate reference pages.

Type of assignment: coursework

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 2/550

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