Topic: sociological Perspectives Essay

For the assessment, you are expected to find, cite, and annotate a total of 5 scholarly sources that directly engage with this theory. Of the five scholarly sources you include in your annotated bibliography, you need to cite and annotate at least one scholarly book chapter and at least three scholarly journal articles.

The citations you include in your annotated bibliography should all be appropriate academic sources. Journal articles should be peer-reviewed, and books and book chapters should be produced and published by reputable sources. Wikipedia, news articles, book reviews, and other non-scholarly sources should not be cited.

The annotations should explain how each cited source relates to the theory. Annotations should primarily be in your own words. For journal articles, avoid quoting text from the abstract. The word limit for each annotation is around 200 words. Citations should follow the Harvard UniSA referencing style guide. Refer to the example on annotated bibliography before you begin writing.

Assessment aims:
The aim of this assessment is to develop your ability to locate and read different sociological texts and summarise the main arguments as well as identify their relevance and quality.

These skills are critical for you to learn because they are integral in the production of sociological forms of knowledge. You will especially need these skills to complete the final essay, which tests your ability to think critically about a broad sociological theme that was introduced in this course.
The assessment relates to these learning outcomes (COs):
CO1 – Provide an account of the main ideas of the sociological theorists studied in the course.
CO2 – Develop an understanding of the key developments in modern and postmodernist sociological theory.
Assessment criteria
The key criteria for this assessment are:

Demonstrated ability to locate and read five scholarly sources that are related to McDonaldization.

Ability to explain in your own words how the selected sources related to McDonaldization.

Ability to adhere to the structure of an annotated bibliography

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Sociology

Pages: 4/1100

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