Sonnet Poems assignment

After reading the assigned sonnets (aloud!!), choose three from those we’ve read that have similar themes (eg. love, death or loss) and discuss how each poet addresses the theme. Choose three sonnets by three different poets.

What do you notice about the imagery, language, point of view, tone, or other narrative elements that seem unique to the poet and which distinguishes his/her poem from others on the same theme. Make sure you are writing specifically about each element and poem. Don’t generalize about poetry or sonnets (we know they have 14 lines and might have end rhyme. We know poetry can have different meanings. We don’t need to know why you picked the ones you did or how hard or boring they were).

In this piece, tell us what you notice about how each poet approaches the theme. Use lines from the poem to illustrate your points.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: English

Pages: 2/550

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