student engagement instructional or programmatic practices

There are varying opinions on how student engagement should be approached and the causes of increased engagement or lack of engagement. In a 4- page paper, investigate and analyze the student engagement instructional or programmatic practices at your site through the use of field observations, document analysis, or interviews. If possible, identify and interview an educational leader who participates directly in the development of strategies to improve student engagement. What, if any, are the primary student engagement practices? As an educational leader or future educational leader, offer your insight regarding the efficacy of the current practices, briefly reflect on what you might do differently.Hu, S., & Wolniak, G. C. (2013). College student engagement and early career earnings: Differences by gender, Race/Ethnicity, and academic preparation. Review of Higher Education, 36(2), 211-233.Howard-Hamilton, M. F., Marbley, A. F., & Bonner, F. A. (2011). Diverse Millennial Students in College: Implications for Faculty and Student Affairs. Sterling, Va: Stylus Publishing.Chapter 1: The Search for a Solution (p. 1 – 16)

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Education

Pages: 4/1100

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