Summative Assignment for Developing Professional Practice

Activity 1

Evaluate what it means to be an HR professional, making reference to the current CIPD Profession Map. This can be accessed at (1.1)

Activity 2

Briefly describe the elements of group dynamics and give at least two examples of conflict resolution methods within an HR context. (2.1)

Activity 3

  • With reference to a recent or current project (large or small) which you have led (or been part of a project team):
  • Provide evidence of using project management and problem-solving techniques in the course of the project.
  • Explain how you successfully influenced, persuaded and negotiated with others in the course of the project (or other related activity). (3.1)

Activity 4

  • Undertake a self-assessment of one area of your practice to identify your professional development needs in that area and options to address these.
  • Produce a professional development plan (PDP) plan to meet your professional development needs which includes a justification of the option(s) chosen.
  • During your programme, provide a reflective summary of your performance against the plan. You should also identify any future development needs and record these in your PDP. (4.1)

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Management

Pages: 9/2475

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