Teaching Humanities at the Primary Settings.

For this task, you are required to identify an artefact, place, event, or issue related to the humanities and develop a generative question that you will explore in depth. The digital product will be the result of information you have discovered, synthesised, analysed and organised to communicate your findings. The purpose of the digital product is to provide a model ‘digital product’ that you could show to students before they embark on a similar project

• The context for your investigation

• The significance of the artefact, place, event, or issue

• An analysis of at least two primary sources

• Concepts such as continuity and change or cause and effect, as referenced in the Victorian Curriculum

• Different perspectives

• Evidence that supports your claims

• A logical and easy to follow structure that leads the reader through your findings

• Referencing for sources and citations where appropriate (links to sources may suffice)

• Use of multi-media and/or visual information, as relevant to your chosen topic

Curriculum Design (500 words)

The Curriculum Design will demonstrate your understanding of integrating Digital Technologies when teaching the Humanities. To create the Digital Product, you will need to pose a question and answer it accessing relevant sources, such as photographs of artefacts, maps, photographs and images. Information must be substantiated using evidence and with referencing (links to sources may suffice).

This written component provides a description of what tasks you would plan for students that build on the content and skills developed during creating the digital product. The MGSE lesson plan template can be used for this section.

The task should address the following questions:

What is the target year level for this content? What is the key focus question, content, skills and curriculum standards that are addressed through this task (Humanities and Digital Technology)? (100 words)

After students submit or present their Digital Product, what might you do next in order to deepen their knowledge of concepts and skills related the domains of Civics and Citizenship, History, Geography and Business and Economics (where relevant)? This could relate to a going further learning experience or taking action (400 words)

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Education

Pages: 3/825

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