The strategic marketing process

  1. Assume a firm faces an S-shaped sales response function. What happens to the ratio of incremental sales revenue to incremental marketing effort at the (a) bottom, (b) middle, and (c) top of this curve?
  • Assume General Mills has to decide how to invest millions of dollars to try to expand its dessert and yogurt business. To allocate this money between these two businesses, what information would General Mills like to have?
  • The first Domino‚Äôs Pizza restaurant was near a college campus.  What implementation problems are (a) similar and (b) different for restaurants near a college campus versus a military base?
  • A common theme among managers who succeed repeatedly in program implementation is fostering open communication. Why is this so important?
  • What are quantified goals in the planning phase of the strategic marketing process important for the evaluation phase?
  • What happens to the ration of incremental sales revenue to incremental marketing effort when the sales response function is an upward-sloping straight line?

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