To write an effective application essay students need to choose on a topic that evaluates a significant experience. This can be achieved when the students deeply explore the complexity of the issue, expressing the depth of their critical thinking abilities and knowing the importance of self- awareness, and analysis. List down all their achievement and all the risks they have taken. 

The admission board’s objective is to discover student’s character, passions, and abilities in the essay and not a political lecture; therefore, students need to choose on a topic that will discuss issues that are important to them and of concern at a personal, local and international level.

A good application essay does more of describing and it is required of the student to choose on a topic that describes or points out a person who had great influence in their life. Dig deep and analyze the influence whether it was positive or negative and put it down.

The description is not only limited to people it can be a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work. The students are required to choose on a topic that explains how the experience was powerful and influential.

The admission board wants to know how students will contribute to the richness and the breadth of the college community, and hence should be expressed in writing how their academic interest, life experiences, and personal perspectives will contribute to the educational mix.

Given that the college already has their background information, they should choose on a topic that describes a situation or an experience that they have gone through and will help in the diversification of the campus community.

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