The first step to writing a better essay in English is to learn something new every time you write an essay. This will enable your writing abilities to improve.

Every challenge offers an opportunity to learn. Start your essay by creating a word bank. Write down similar words or words that relate differently to your thesis statement.

Broaden or diversify your list with words from the main topic that are not closely related. Continuous use of new words will expand your vocabulary over a while and will result in a more vibrant and colorful essay.

The second step is to act as a reporter. Before you start writing ask yourself a lot of questions. The more questions you ask yourself the more information you will obtain and will be of great benefit when you start writing your essay.

Your essay will have a lot of content and direct to the point. Create topic sentences in each paragraph that will summarize the content in the paragraph. The purpose of creating topic sentences is to stay focused when writing the essay.

For argumentative essays, you need to argue on both sides. Focus both on the positive and negative which helps to develop your thesis. This kind of essay enables you to learn more about the topic and vocabulary words that will enrich your essay.

Reading backward is another step to writing a better essay. This fact will enable you to focus on the rules of grammar and not the flow of sentences. Use valuable tools like a thesaurus and a dictionary that will add volume and increase impact in your words. Separate sentences that seem to be too wordy or long and form two or more sentences. Combine short sentences with one meaningful sentence.

Lastly, have a native-speaking English friend edit your work. They can point out mistakes that you frequently make, spelling, or grammatical errors that you might have missed.

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