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Let’s have some fun during this week’s discussion. Prior to beginning the response to the discussion, familiarize yourself with the activities that occur during the various types of change intervention. Consider the variables of working with leaders versus teams, groups, or the entire organization. Once you have a solid understanding of how inventions look and the requirements to successfully deploy an OD interaction, you can move forward to the actual research for the discussion post.

There are numerous companies that develop and market support tools and activities for learning and development. There are tools for individual, team, group, and organizational activities. Your job is to first decide on the type of intervention you will facilitate. Then, you will search online for a tool to use during your intervention.

Refer to the table below for guidance during your search:

Do decide on a specific type of intervention.
Do Not decide on a specific change.
Do research various companies and the tools they offer for development and collaboration.
Do Not select the first thing you find. Be choosy and understand how the process works and if it fits your needs for interaction.
Do select a tool that will work well with your intervention choice.
Do Not select a process that is beneath or above the understanding level of the audience.

For your initial post,

Identify your selected intervention.
Explain why you chose that type of intervention.
Describe the tools and activities selected to facilitate the interaction.
Determine how you will use the tools and activities.
Formulate the desired outcome of the process.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

Pages: 1/275

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