Topic: 360 filmmaking and virtual reality dissertation paper

Dissertation 8000 words –

This unit consists of individually negotiated research on a subject that is likely to be related to the contextual and/ or theoretical concerns of your discipline or chosen area of practice, towards the provision of structured written argument.

The unit enables you to engage with a range of research skills, and develop an identified methodological approach, appropriate to your chosen subject area. In devising and effecting a written response to such research, you will be expected to reflect upon and articulate a clear and sustained argument that conforms to academic conventions and demonstrates an understanding of the subject area through selected, managed, and detailed analysis and evaluation.

The aims of this unit are:

A1 To enable you to undertake focused and sustained research into an individually negotiated subject area.

A2 To provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate an understanding of the historical, theoretical or critical concerns of your subject area through interpretation, reflection, analysis and evaluation.

A3 To enable you to produce a clear and sustained written argument, supported by appropriate evidence, that conforms to academic conventions.

On satisfactory completion of the unit you will be able to:

LO1 Demonstrate an application of appropriate research methods in the identification and understanding of broad contexts and specific practices.

LO2 Demonstrate abilities of interpretation, reflection, analysis and evaluation of relevant research. LO3 Provideclearandsustainedwrittenargumentpresentedaccordingtoacademicconventions.


There should be at least one criteria against each learning outcome for the unit


LO1 Application of research methods towards understanding and appreciation of broad contexts and specific practices.

LO2 Interpretation, reflection, analysis and evaluation.
LO3 Provision of clear and sustained argument presented according to academic conventions.

Type of service: Dissertation services

Type of assignment: Dissertation

Subject: Movies

Pages/words: 30/8000

Number of sources: 20

Academic level: Master’s

Paper format: Harvard

Line spacing: Double

Language:UK English

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