Topic: A critical Review of a tourist destination (Bath City in The UK

Unit Name: Destinations: Contexts for Tourism and Hospitality

1.Assignment title: A critical Review of a tourist destination ( Bath City In The UK)

Details what you are expected to do :

Using a tourism destination ( BATH CITY), evaluate the consequences for the destination of an ever-increasing number of tourists.

  1. Overview of assignment

Using a tourism destination ( BATH CITY), evaluate the consequences for the destination of an ever-increasing number of tourists.

This assignment encourages you to think about tourist destinations as dynamic, and to explore how they change as they become more popular. Increasing tourist numbers has a range of impacts at a destination. Understanding what these are and how a destination responds to pressures is an essential part of ensuring a destinations continued success.

The assignment asks you to choose a destination. This is to allow you to focus on a place that interests you and gives you the opportunity to consider not just genetic impacts of tourism, but what these are specifically in one place.

  1. Please consider the following when carrying out the task:

Your answer should contain:

A brief introduction to the assignment
A brief description of the destination you have chosen (for example, geographical location, visitor numbers, visitor receipts etc.)
The reason you selected the destination
An assessment of the effects that increasing number of tourists could have (both good and bad)
The consequences of those effects

It is expected that your answer will include:

Reference to theory where appropriate (for example, destination lifecycle, carrying capacity, type of tourist)
Visitor statistics where appropriate.
References to the tourism literature in relation to increasing number of tourists (journal articles, book chapter, industry reports etc.)

Word count: 3,000 words (±10 percent) + minimum 10 Academic Sources.

  1. The learning outcomes being assessed
    This assignment assesses your performance in relation to ILOs 1-5
    Understand and be able to define tourist destinations
  2. Critically examine the role of the different stakeholders and interests that interplay in the destination context.
  3. Understand the different tourism impacts at destinations.

4.Evaluate the longevity of tourist destinations through an appreciation of the role of sustainability and destination change.

  1. Key points:
    The report should be 3,000 words in length (±10%). The word count includes only the main body of the report – Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion. The word count does not include Title page, Executive Summary, Contents page, References and Appendices.
    You should research extensively using a minimum of 10 academic/journal articles
    You are encouraged to use figures and tables to illustrate your points.
    Your assignment must be professionally presented and appropriately referenced.
    You should make sure that you express your ideas clearly and succinctly.
    Your points/ arguments must be evidence-based. You should draw on a range of information sources, including academic books and journal papers.
    Use appropriate citations/referencing (BU Harvard referencing guide).

The aim of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of tourism destinations. Continued growth in tourism activities has been a dominant trend for destinations globally, and despite the recent severe downturn in tourist number as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, predictions are for a strong recovery. As a consequence, a return to the pre-

  1. Assessment criteria
    Assessment is against the Level 7 generic assessment criteria found in Brightspace under the Assessment tab. Please use the generic grids when assessing your work before submission.
    Subject knowledge and understanding: The work demonstrates overall knowledge and understanding of the key issues facing tourism destination. Significant up-to-date sources have been critically explored.
    Analysis and evaluation: The report makes use of a range of appropriate techniques of analysis and shows awareness of their limitations and contradictions. The report is well reasoned using well selected sources.
    Problem-solving skills and application: The work demonstrates an ability to diagnose and apply appropriate theoretical concepts to a practical problem (or situation) to produce original recommendations which are logical, effective and meaningful.
    Communication and presentation skills: The work has a logical structure showing flow and progression. The appropriate academic style is demonstrated with accurate use of English, sentence structure and referencing.

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