Topic : A Dream Called Home by Reyna Grande Literature and Languages Book Review

Writing instructions

Guidelines for a book review: A Dream Called Home by Reyna Grande

Reviews must include a brief biographical sketch of the author and a substantial analysis of its contents. The analysis is the heart of the review and its major focus should be the interpretations of the people, places, and events provided by the author. The following questions should be answered in your review.

  1. What appears to be the purpose of the author?
  2. What kind of audience is the author seeking? What is the audience’s intellectual level?
  3. Please discuss Grande’s experiences once she attended a four-year college
  4. Please discuss her relationship with her mother and father respectively

Do not write a summary of the book and no direct quotations.
½ page a brief biographical sketch of the author: her professional life; her education, how many books she has written, and awards she has received.
1½ pages analysis—opinion, interpretation of the book.
Papers must be double spaced and letter size 12 font.

Pages 2 Double spaced(550 words)
Style and sources NotApplicable, No sources
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Study level College
Assignment type Book Review
Subject Literature and Languages
Language US

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