Topic: A policy debate Nursing Topic Selection Paper


Policy Analysis—Topic Selection
Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is for you to select a topic for use in the policy analysis assignment (Written Assignment 5) and to obtain approval for this topic from your mentor.

The grade for this assignment is a complete/incomplete only, indicating whether you have obtained approval. The content of this assignment will be evaluated as part of Written Assignment 5 (the policy analysis).

Review the rubric for Written Assignment 5 before selecting your topic/bill.
Select a federal legislative bill that you would like to analyze in your policy analysis paper (Written Assignment 5).

Choose a bill that is significant enough and for which there is sufficient supporting literature to satisfy the requirements of Written Assignment 5.

The topic is: A policy in debate

The focus of the paper should be the role of the nursing profession and nurses themselves in the health policy arena. Your paper will also examine the impact of this bill or policy on the nursing profession and on the healthcare delivery system as a whole, including delivery to diverse populations.

Prepare a brief explanation of why you chose this bill and be sure to include the name of the bill and its number.

The elements of this assignment are a cover page, a 1-page explanation, and a reference page including at least two references, one indicating the location of the bill on the state or national website.

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Type Of Assignment : topic selection for policy analysis paper
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Paper Format : APA
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Language Style : US English

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