Topic: Accounting System Review Essay Paper


Pick a popular personal/small business accounting software (i.e. Intuit QuickBooks) of your choice and download a free trial (typically one month) of that software. Use the trial period software to set up a partial system. You do not need to set up a whole system but enter some items and print out actual reports. Use tutorials, online documentation, and any other relevant material to learn how to use the software.

Write an essay reviewing the software. Judge it against the following elements a good management information software should have – all of these are ones you have identified in your assignments so far:


• Easy to use

• Can be used across platforms and devices

• Can be linked to other databases

• Affordable / cost effective

• Does the job it needs to do and does it well

• Provides actionable information

• Explain how likely you would be to help a friend who needed a home office accounting system set up this system and why

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Type Of Assignment : Essay
Subject : Accounting
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Academic Level : Graduate
Paper Format : APA
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