Topic: American Country Music essay

The population that brought music from England was often referred to as Scotch-Irish. They were actually neither but instead were Protestants of English origin. They sang old murder and story-telling ballad and created new ones.

New instruments like the banjo (of African origin) and bass added depth to the songs that continued to tell the stories of everyday life in the southern colonies.

Later, this music spread west to create country and western traditions. Our focus here is on the music of the eastern seaboard, including Irish musical traditions that accompanied immigrants to American cities in the nineteenth century.
Required Reading
“Brief History of Bluegrass Music”
“Southern Appalachian Murder Ballads: The Story of Tom Dula”
“Famous Irish American Songs”
Required Videos
“The Heavy Horses: Murder Ballads and Other Songs”
“Paddy’s Lamentation”
“I’m shipping Up to Boston” Dropkick Murphys
“16 Greatest Bluegrass Hits”
Essay Prompt
In a paper of 4-5 pages, discuss the relationship of country and bluegrass music of English and Irish origin to the experience of early American settlers. Why do you think story-telling and murder ballads were important?

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