Topic : An Analysis of an Episode of Care Nursing Essay

An Analysis of an Episode of Care.

A case study outlines the scenario selected for your episode of care and analyses your management of care for the chosen group of patients or individual with complex needs
Your case study should demonstrate achievement of the following outcomes ‘
‘Consistently utilise the learning opportunities in practice to extend knowledge , skills and attitudes.’

‘Under supervision, manage own workload in a manner that demonstrates professionalism and integrity within recognised professional, ethical and legal frameworks.’

This is not a reflective piece of work, it is an opportunity to link evidence-based practice to your experience

 Basically, why do we what we do? Are we effective? How and why might we improve?

What is an episode of care?

It is an intervention, providing care to a patient or group of patients.
It should not cover the whole of the patient’s stay in hospital or be a description of care that you provided over 1 shift.

This assessment aims to demonstrate the student’s progression in the following five platforms within the Future Nurse: Standards of Proficiency (including skills from Annexe A and B) (NMC 2018) in the context of their intended field(s) of practice:
• Promoting health and preventing ill health
• Assessing needs and planning care
• Providing and evaluating care
• Leading and managing nursing care and working in teams
• Improving safety and quality of care.

Effective communication and relationship management skills underpin all aspects of care. (Annexe A).
Students are required to use appropriate therapeutic approaches and techniques considering the person’s motivation, capacity, and need for reasonable adjustment, applying an understanding of mental capacity and health legislation as appropriate.

• Do not identify the person:
Use a ‘pseudonym’ e.g. Alan/ Mr. Sugar/ Claudia/ Ms. Winkleman. State within your introduction that you are using a ‘pseudonym’ and not the person’s real name with this being supported by your citing the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) The Code (NMC, 2018) in that you are respecting people’s right to privacy and confidentiality (this must also be included within the reference list). Likewise, you must NOT identify your practice placement or any staff with whom you have been working.
• There are different ways of presenting a case study. A case study can be in the form of a ‘story’ i.e. a chronological narrative. However, you must support your work with appropriate academic sources. In this way, you are integrating theory with practice and your study will not just be descriptive. Your sources should be cited within your work and correspond with the reference list at the end. This case study should be written in the third person.

• This case study will allow you to give more detail about your patient(s)/ client(s) show the knowledge you have gained on their condition as well as analysis of the actions and the outcomes of the care provided.

• Do proof-read your work and ensure that it is grammatically sound, and that citations and references are recorded correctly. Double space with a font size of 12 (Times New Roman/ Calibri/ Arial). Please submit with a front sheet.

Use only academic sources to support your work.

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