Topic: ‘’An integrative literature review on nursing interventions for patients with Ulcerative colitis”



Learning Outcomes

  • Identify a clinical problem, requiring investigation,  and generate related question(s) to your field-specific area of nursing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills of the systematic steps of literature searching, including how to access evidence by utilising a range of information technologies.
  • Critically evaluate empirical evidence which includes a diverse range of different research designs/approaches, sampling and data collection methods related to a field-specific area of nursing.
  • Develop an overall classification system for a summary of the evidence in the integrative literature review.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the enhancements and barriers to the implementation of evidence-based practice in a field-specific area of nursing practice.
  • Use a specialist database with the support of the librarian. It may appear in Google Scholar, but it will be difficult to find as it is grey literature rather than peer-reviewed.
  • In a critique, the student should be able to critically appraise the study design/approach selected by making reference to its respective methodological strengths, shortcomings and potential biases.
  • The student should also consider what strategies were used to accomplish ethical principles including, beneficence and non-malevolence, volunteerism and non-coercion, autonomy of the study participants.
  • In qualitative analysis the use of qualitative analytical software packages such as NUDIST or NVivo merely code and categorise the data, but have to be manually analysed thereafter, which is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process.


●The assignment should contain TABLE OF CONTENT which is not counted at the number and is on the  separated page:


2. Aim/Objective

3. Methods: which database, which journal, which books…….

4. Results: …..5 primary research

5. Conclusion

6. references



THE 2 THEMES: 1. Patient support on diagnosis

2. Training of the patient

  1. Introduction and Background :

Eg. The systematic literature review will investigate/examine/explore/etc……..

DEFINITION (Reference, ….) with supporting literature rev.

  1. Knowledge and Skills of the Literature, The  Search Strategy process
  • eg. The criteria for INCLUSION were……….
  • Eg. The criteria for EXCLUSION were…. Because those sources were out to date and were not provided…….
  • Eg. The search…….. 5 primary studies…….
  • Identify the 2 themes: 1. Patient support on diagnosis

    2. Training of the patient

  1. Critically Evaluation of the Themes, identifying the significant part of the discussion with the reference from a specific database
    1. First theme: -> critically evaluate
    2. Second Theme -> critically evaluate -> add supported literature review

Methodological strength…………….

If is supported by the literature review research the ethics can be added, the importance, the significance if not, don’t add 

  1. Presenting and identifying the themes 

KEY FINDINGS – >Identify clinical problems -> critically evaluate

->the main findings of those ………

  • patient education, leaflets, library, NHS books, journals
  1. Identify the recommendation for practice and potential protection barriers and how the things go in practice related to the topic- UC


  • UC (ulcerative colitis)  
  • A literature review is where the authors look at the other people publications
  • Critically evaluate the 5 research studies- in great details, articles using supporting learning 
  • From the nursing perspective – education of the patient
  • Information, training of the patient
  • The effectiveness of nursing intervention related to ulcerative colitis
  • Critique and tools you have used and WHY you used
  • answer the questions related to the Learning Outcomes
  • Incorporate all the learning outcomes in the assignment
  • Identify clinical problem
  • Identify the recommendation for practice
  • Summarise the conclusion
  • ‘’the participant from the paper is all supported/were supported from the article research……..’’
  • The same approach to answer the question
  • Develop…….what are the themes that have emerged that you want to explore in more detail to debate
  • Demonstrate ‘’ what needs to be done in the future that the nurses have in using in UC in order to improve management or care management, how they can effectively support patients in primary care 
  • In the assignment you have to discuss all 5 stages: 
  • The data collection
  • The method of strengths
  • Create a group for each paper to focus on the results sections to create themes
  • All the primary studies should be related to the topic of UC in order to identify the choice
  • Follow the studies through the journals databases, 
  • Move from the themes, include others research eg.: journals, to support the primary research but not just the primary research
  • Strategies will define the study what you have find
  • Methods of data analisis can be different
  • COMPARE The studies NOT the themes

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