Topic: An investigation into UK tax havens Reflection paper

Independent Academic Research: Reflection

As you might expect, this reflective piece of work can only be attempted once you have finished the necessary research and the writing-up of your report. Do not attempt to do this Reflection without having first completed the report.
In much the same way as the earlier Proposal ‘set-up’ the report to come, this Reflection requires you to ‘look-back’ at your experiences as a research student tasked with the requirement to write an academic report.
As such, it may contain (but is not limited to) the following:

Was your initial choice of RQ a good one? Justify why/why not.
Did your choice of research methods prove to be appropriate or were difficulties – either expected or unforeseen – encountered? Expand your commentary here.
How well did you manage your time?
Did the need to complete other Access units (at the same time as conducting this research) prove problematic?
What would you do differently next time when faced with the need to complete independent research?

Honesty and candour are key here. There is little to be gained by trying to put on a ‘false-front’ by claiming no problems were encountered, if, indeed, the reverse is true.

c.600 words.

Independent Academic Research Unit: Proposal

Academic Proposal
The main piece of work for this unit is the academic report. That said, the unit, overall, requires you to produce three pieces of work, the first of which is this Proposal.
An academic proposal (for a subsequent academic report or dissertation) serves to introduce the reader as to what the research is hoping (or expecting) to discover. It is forward-looking in content and largely anticipatory.
The report itself requires you to undertake a body of research (investigation) into a research question of your choice. As such, this Proposal ‘sets up’ what is to come.

Areas to include within this Proposal
Which RQ first came to mind when your Study Skills lecturer first introduced you to the notion of conducting a body of research in order to write an academic report?
Did you naturally ‘warm’ to certain research methods when they were presented to you or, perhaps ‘shy away’ from others?
Did you feel that an element of your Personal Experience lent itself favourably to your initial choice of RQ?
What are you expecting to discover as a result of your research? Do you have any pre-conceived ideas?
Did the idea of compiling and distributing a questionnaire appeal?
Do you already have a body of literature – linked to your proposed RQ – to hand?
Did working independently appeal to you?
Are external factors (paid employment/childcare etc) likely to impact upon your ability to work independently?
Is your ability to manage your own time effectively in need of improvement?
Is the workload required of other Access units of study likely to have a negative impact?
Are you concerned as to your ability to complete an academic report in the required manner and to the required standard? (most Access students have never undertaken academic research before)
The general information and the above 11 areas are doing no more than simply pointing you in the right direction in terms of what an Academic Proposal may contain. You do not have to address each and every one of them as some may not apply to you.
c.600 words required.

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