Topic: Annotated Bibliography – (August Wilson)


Research an author (choose one from our textbook) and draft an Annotated Bibliography.

You need to find at least three secondary sources to present in your Annotated Bibliography.

Annotated Bib Guidelines

The Annotated Bib serves as a preparation for the Literary Research Paper. This week, you will start researching an author from our textbook in order to create an Annotated Bibliography. The Annotated Bib needs to present 3-5 secondary sources from the EFSC library that you will later use in the Literary Research Paper. The primary text (the short story or poem from the textbook) can be included in your Annotated Bibliography, but a minimum of 3 secondary sources from the library must be presented as well.

Secondary sources are considered pieces of research, such as an interview with the author, documentary, critical analysis, and review.

For our purposes, the primary source is the poem, short story, or essay from our textbook written by the author you are researching. While the primary texts should be listed in the Annotated Bibliography, this assignment is meant to present the research / secondary sources you have found so far.

What is an annotated bibliography?*

An annotated bibliography provides a brief account of the available research on a given topic. It is a list of research sources that includes concise descriptions and evaluations of each source. The annotation usually contains a brief summary of content and a short analysis or evaluation.

Purpose of an annotated bibliography*

• demonstrate the quality and depth of reading that you have done;

• exemplify the scope of sources available—such as journals, ebooks, streaming videos, and magazine articles;

• highlight sources that may be of interest to other readers and researchers;

• explore and organize sources for the Literary Research Paper

What does an annotated bibliography look like?*

An annotated bibliography starts with the bibliographic details of a source (the citation) followed by a brief annotation.

As with a normal reference list or bibliography, an annotated bibliography is usually arranged alphabetically per the author’s last name. The minimum required length for this assignment is 3 full pages. You can accomplish the page requirement in different ways; for instance, you can use three sources and include a full-page annotation for each OR you can use four sources and include an annotation around ¾ page for each. However, a minimum annotation of 200 words per citation is required.

To receive full credit, an annotation must contain all of the following elements:

• Provide the full bibliographic citation in MLA format

• Briefly indicate the background of the author(s)

• Outline the main argument

• Identify the intended audience (use publication information to support your answer)

• Identify the research methods (if applicable)

• Identify any conclusions made by the author/s

• Discuss the reliability of the text

• Highlight any special features of the text that were unique or helpful (charts, graphs etc.)

• Discuss the relevance or usefulness of the text for your research

• State the strengths and limitations of the text

• Present your view or reaction to the text

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