Topic : Art and Design Research Paper

Writing instructions
this is a 7-10 page double-spaced research paper on the business project and country you selected. Include the following in your paper:


Identify the Company, Project, and Country. Ihave Mercedes-Benz in the UAE
Explain what your company does, and the nature of the business project that you are recommending: exporting a product to the country, investing in the country, marketing a product in the country, etc.
Present your overall assessment of prospects for your company’s business project in the specific country. The rest of the presentation will provide the argument and evidence to support this assessment.

Country Assessment

Analyze prospects for this project in the specific country. The topics you consider will depend on the project that your company is already doing or is planning to undertake in the country. For example, you might assess topics such as: the prospects for political and economic stability, prospects for financial crisis, likely future changes in the exchange rate, tariff barriers, market size, demographic factors (aging population, large middle class, etc.), relevant trade agreements, union issues, etc. All of this should be relevant to your specific business project. You might add as you discuss each point, “this is relevant to the success of the project because. . . . “

Project Assessment

Given your country analysis, provide a more detailed assessment of the prospects for the specific business project that you are assessing. Here you should discuss such topics as:
1) mode of entry – exporting, joint venture, acquisition, etc., and explain why you chose that mode of entry
2) your strategy in the country (standardization vs. localization, etc.)
3) your marketing mix (how you will use the 4 P’s to market your product)
4) global production and supply chain issues (whether manufacturing plants will be centralized or dispersed, etc.)
5) whether bargaining with the host country government or local joint venture partners will be an issue
6) whether Corporate Social Responsibility issues will be a factor in your strategy
7) Any considerations related to Global Human Resource Management issues (for instance, whether you will use an Ethnocentric or Geocentric staffing policy; how you will deal with differences in “Power Distance” or “Uncertainty Avoidance”, etc.
Note: you do not need to cover ALL of these topics, just the ones that are relevant to your specific project. Use key concepts related to country assessment (financial and trade issues), site selection analysis, bargaining, global production and supply chain management, marketing, and strategy.

Elaborate further on your overall assessment and provide specific recommendations to your company related to the business project that you are assessing.

Pages 7 Double spaced(1925 words)
Style and sources MLA, 4 sources
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Study level Bachelor
Assignment type Research Paper
Subject Art and Design
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