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The main objective of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to move from theory to action, building upon ideas developed in their collaborative “Show and Tell” PBL projects. Write 6-8 typed pages, double-spaced, in 11-12 point font report based on your “Show and Tell” findings, focusing on 2 main tasks: 1) Clearly identify what you think is the most pressing problem/social issue arising in your local or global community that is connected to a weekly topic and required readings in the syllabus, and propose feasible solutions from the standpoint of science, technology and/or other resources e.g. community organizations using a meaningful approach to resolve your identified problem/social issue(s); 2) Critically discuss/reflect/analyze what the causes and consequences of the identified problem/social issue (s) are, including your proposed feasible solutions by drawing connections with key themes from the course readings (minimum 2 references) as well as outside sources (at least 3 popular references e.g. Internet articles, newspapers, magazines, government policy documents, podcasts, films, etc.) and a minimum of 3 academic sources outside of the course syllabus e.g. scholarly books, peer-reviewed journal articles to substantiate your argument.

You may conduct your analysis or reflection in any of the following ways: 1) drawing specific examples from the readings; 2) drawing connections with general themes of the course or your “Show and Tell” presentation; 3) putting forth a critique of the work you are examining, or critiquing other lecture or seminar ideas in terms of your literature research findings. You must express your own viewpoint in a clear manner, and not simply summarize others’ ideas or theories. Thus, writing in the first person “I” is completely acceptable and encouraged to establish transparency of your position in the report.

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